About Sambag

Sam Wagner, the Creative Director launched Sambag in 1996. Starting as a small stall at Sydney’s Paddington Markets, Sambag is now a fast growing Australian fashion designer with 13 boutiques found all over Australia including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. Having grown her own fashion label on the back of her signature and everlasting styles of ballet flats and tote bags, she can now be labelled a true entrepreneur within the Australian fashion industry. It is through Sam’s un-denying attention to each design, that she has maintained a strong customer base with each style markedly fitted for all shapes. Notasam wagnerbly recognised for her takesam wagner on the classic ballet, Sam is able to bring a fashion forward twist to every style whilst still sustaining the sophistication and class of the ballet through each season. As the brand name was quickly growing, Sam accordingly expanded her business into the production of apparel. This opened a whole other dimension that has allowed for the growth into what Sambag has become today. However, it was in 1998, when Sambag showed at the Mercedes Australian Fashion week, that she confirmed their name within the fashion conscious.

Later on in 2011, Sambag became the Pointe Shoe Partner of The Australian Ballet, a prestigious and honest brand association.

Sambag uses a variety of materials within her products including leather, canvas, snake skin, and suede, with also the mixed fabrication of plastic, silk, cotton, and raffia. Sambag never uses synthetics and such guarantees to provide authentic and affordable fashion that effortlessly works within the style of the client. It is through such attention to detail and each season’s fresh range of prints and colours, that Sambag has become a trademark in every woman’s wardrobe.

sambag sydneyEach material is sourced from around the globe including China and Italy, as well as Germany, Portugal and Australia. The importance of an environmentally friendly and ethical production of all our products is undenying within Sambag. We have an internal Code of Ethical Sourcing, which clearly outlines the requirements and guidelines for each dealer. It requires all wages and benefits are met, prohibits forced and child labour, and allows for employees to have the free option to join a union, amongst other clauses.

For the last 15 years, Sambag has sustained its production of shoes within the same factory in China. In this, the staff have visited these factories a couple of times a year and checked first hand that the working conditions of our producers are fare and adhering to our Code of Ethical Sourcing. In addition, Sambag only manufacture in coastal China, where employees minimum wages and working circumstances are notably better as set by the local governments.

Furthermore, Sambag uses a lot of luxury materials including the use of python and other snake skins. In order to maintain the practice of ethical buying, we only buy such materials that have been farmed for its leather, rather than sourcing from a natural habitat and endangering the species wildlife. Plastic is also banned and all packaging is made from recycled paper.

At the moment, we are also proud to be promoting jewellery and bags made by ‘Artisans of Fashion’ in our stores. This initiative enables the highly skilled female artisans in India to receive fair payment for their work. In addition to this, we also support such charities as; The Butterfly Foundation, Taronga Zoo, The Starlight Foundation, the Victor Chang Charity, The Breast Cancer Foundation, Sydney Cancer Council, and Sydney’s children Hospital.


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